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A prenuptial agreement, often called a “prenup” for short, is a legal document which a couple drafts and signs before they get married. The main purpose of a prenuptial agreement is to set forth directives regarding the spouses’ income and … Continue reading

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A group of archaeologists has found what seems to be the world’s oldest known marriage contract. The clay tablet was discovered in Turkey and contains provisions that mention divorce, infertility, and other topics relevant to a marriage. Experts estimate the … Continue reading

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When you think about prenuptial agreements, you may picture a wealthy, high-profile individual looking to protect his or her assets before he or she gets married. While prenuptial agreements are most definitely useful in providing security for one’s finances in … Continue reading

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It is hardly uncommon for a couple who is about to get married to spend weeks and months planning a perfect wedding day. Music, flowers, decorations, dresses, food, and dozens of other considerations are often set months in advance. Too … Continue reading

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Owning a business can be an extremely satisfying and profitable venture. It can also be a tremendous amount of work, often requiring years of dedicated effort before you begin to the see the financial fruits of your labor. If you … Continue reading

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For many couples considering marriage, a prenuptial agreement can be a valuable tool. Such an agreement can address a wide range of concerns in advance, often creating a more stable, secure basis for the marriage. A prenuptial agreement, of course, … Continue reading

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When the actor Robin Williams passed away in 2014, a public controversy surfaced almost immediately over the disposition of certain pieces of the late comedian’s estate. Specifically, the dispute was between Williams’ third wife and his children from a previous … Continue reading

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Most matters of divorce and family law can be resolved by means of an agreement between the parties. Regardless of how complex a particular situation may be, a negotiated solution is generally preferable to drawn-out litigation that could be expensive, … Continue reading

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It is a well-understood reality of divorce that the process generally includes considerations for the division of marital property, assets, and debts between the parties. In fact, for many couples, coming to an agreement over the allocation of assets is … Continue reading

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When a couple is preparing to marry, the thoughts of both partners are often consumed by ideas of romance and building a future together. It can be rather easy to forget that marriage also represents a civil partnership, as well, … Continue reading

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