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If you have been considering filing for divorce, you probably have many questions and concerns. One such question may be “Will I have to make support payments to my ex-spouse?” Spousal support, also called spousal maintenance or alimony, helps limit the negative … Continue reading

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Sometimes, divorces go badly. It is sadly not unheard of for a person to become violent or dangerous toward his or her ex-spouse, harassing or threatening to a point where an order of protection—sometimes called a restraining order—becomes necessary. If … Continue reading

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Going through a divorce is a painful process. Fortunately, for many people who suffer through the end of a marriage, there is a better life waiting for them. Many people who divorce make the most of their new life. This … Continue reading

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It seems as if everyone is getting divorced nowadays: young couples, those who have been married 50 years or more, celebrities, and politicians. Despite the rise in divorce rates across many different demographics, there are still many misconceptions that people … Continue reading

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When a couple decides to divorce, they must divide their property between them. As one might expect, each spouse brings property into the marriage, but marital property is also acquired throughout their relationship. Some couples are exceedingly careful about segregating … Continue reading

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A child being born out of wedlock today does carry the stigma that it once did.; many couples may spend their entire lives together without getting legally married. Issues do arise, but usually for the parents, rather than the child … Continue reading

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People’s lives do not remain static after a divorce. Individuals may move, remarry, have children, or experience any number of other major events that bring significant life changes. If this happens, it may be necessary to make a modification to … Continue reading

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It is decidedly common for a parent to be dissatisfied about the amount of child support that a court has ordered him or her to pay. However, this does not excuse the parent from paying it, even if a modification … Continue reading

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Payments of child support are supposed to be used to improve the life of your child or children. But, what exactly does that mean? Is it permissible to use the money to buy things that are useful but that may … Continue reading

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It is not easy to be a parent. When you are unmarried, divorced, or separated, and the other parent has been awarded the majority of the parenting time, you may face serious difficulties in being the parent you wish to … Continue reading

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