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Navigato Practice Areas Divorce Division of Property and Debt Post-Divorce Modifications Spousal Support/Alimony Child Support College Expenses Child Custody/Visitation Parenting Plans Psychological Evaluations The Use of a Guardian ad Litem Parent and Child Relocation Complex Divorce Change of Venue or Jurisdiction Contesting Prenuptials Protecting Business Ownership in Divorce Business Valuations Farm Ownership and Divorce Stock Options and Divorce High-Net Worth Divorce Protecting Investments Forensic Accounting, Hidden Assets and Dissipation Retirement Assets in Divorce Capital Gains and Divorce Uncontested Divorce Family Law Prenuptial Agreements Domestic Partnerships Orders of Protection Protection from Domestic Violence Legal Separation Real Estate Commercial Leases, Sales and Acquisitions Community Association and Condominium Association Representation Development Syndications, Partnerships and Joint Ventures Easements Equity Financing General Contractor, Architect and Construction Manager Agreements Land Use and Zoning Covenants, Restrictions, and Operating Agreements Mechanic's Liens Residential Sales, Acquisitions, Leases and Mortgages Loan Workouts Business Law Corporate Practice, Closely Held, Family Owned and Entrepreneurial Businesses Selection, Structure and Formation of Startup Business Entities Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Reorganizations Business Entity Capitalization and Financing Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances Licensing and Distribution Independent Sales Representatives Personal Injury Litigation Business Litigation Insurance Coverage Breach of Contract Commercial Real Estate Disputes Shareholder Disputes Criminal Defense Resources Articles Fatal Car Crashes on the Rise in Illinois Changes to Illinois DUI Law Fatal Car Crashes on the Rise in Illinois Changes to Illinois DUI Law Press Releases St. Charles Divorce Lawyer Honored for 45 Years of Legal Service St. Charles Law Firm Represents First Street Development II St. Charles Family Law Firm Offers Complimentary Consultations to Potential Clients St. Charles Lawyer Named a 2016 BV Distinguished Attorney by Martindale-Hubbell St. Charles Lawyer Named a 2016 BV Distinguished Attorney by Martindale-Hubbell St. Charles Family Law Firm Offers Complimentary Consultations to Potential Clients William Bochte Honored for 45 Years of Legal Service Representing First Street Development II Helpful Links Testimonials Blog Dissipation May Create Serious Problems During Divorce Can I Spend Child Support Money Any Way I Wish? Terminating Parental Rights in Illinois The Challenges of Marrying or Divorcing a Foreign National Should You Ask for a Guardian ad Litem? The Basics of Adoption After Abandonment Restoring Your Full Rights to Parenting Time Your Divorce Is Not Your Child’s Fault Recognize the Warning Signs of Stonewalling Considerations for Stepparent Adoptions Permissive Illinois Divorce Laws Helps Couples Move Forward Managing Divorce Finances and Your Credit Score Could Your Fear of Being Alone Be Keeping You in an Unhealthy Relationship? Divorce May Offer a New Beginning Prenuptial Agreements and Seeking Legal Counsel Where to File Your Divorce Petition Changing Your Child’s Name After Divorce Reasons to Contest a Chosen Divorce Venue Stock Options and the Division of Marital Property The Rights of Grandparents After an Adoption Could My Spouse Use Bitcoin to Hide Assets? Life Events That Could Lead to Divorce Dealing With False Domestic Violence Claims in Family-Related Matters The Court Can Reject an Unconscionable Divorce Agreement Dating After Divorce Can Affect Your Children Prohibited Marriages in Illinois Supporting a Disabled Adult Child Your Right to Stop a Stepparent From Adopting Your Child Considerations for the Marital Home in Divorce When Stay-at-Home Parents Ask for Spousal Support Using the Right of First Refusal How a Personal Injury Verdict or Settlement Is Handled in a Divorce Study Finds Biannual Spikes in Divorce Filings New Law Requires Domestic Violence Awareness Training for Hairdressers When to Ask for Guardian ad Litem for Your Child Understanding the Law Regarding Separation and Divorce Does Illinois Recognize Common Law Marriages? Changes Ahead for Child Support in Illinois Promote Peace This Holiday Season Dealing With a Difficult Spouse in Divorce How Earning Capacity Could Affect Proceedings for Spousal Support Cook County Judge Upholds Foreign Court Ruling on Unusual Sperm Donor Case The Importance of Following a Parenting Plan Woman Sentenced in Connection With False Domestic Violence Claims Depositions in a Divorce Proceeding Appeals Court Finds Wrongful Conviction Settlement to Be Marital Property Report Finds Divorce Rate Lowest in Decades Help Your Children Enjoy the Holidays in Two Homes Rediscovering Yourself After Divorce Options for the Marital Home Following Your Divorce Ruling Highlights the Difference Between Parenting Time and Decision-Making Authority Considerations for Moving Out of the Area With Your Child Social Media and Its Possible Impact on Your Divorce New Law Requires Hairdressers to Undergo Domestic Violence Training Getting an Emergency Order of Protection Gimmick Wedding Dates Linked to Increased Rate of Divorce Divorcing a Cheating Spouse Making Arrangements for Pets Following a Divorce Celebrity Couple Embodies Recent Divorce Trends Dealing With a Surprise Divorce Filing Hiring an Attorney for Your Divorce: What to Expect During Your Initial Consultation Consider the Other Parent Before Calling a Sitter Update: $2.3 Million Child Support Ruling Settled Out of Court Millennials’ Approach to Marriage May Be Linked to Lower Divorce Rate Divorce May Be More Likely When the Husband Does Not Work Full-Time Mother Sentenced for Killing Her Child to Avoid Sharing Custody Marital Property You Could Be Overlooking Modifying a Parenting Plan to Meet Changing Needs Tips for Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce The Most Common Reasons for Divorce, According to Experts High-Asset Divorce Can Be Complicated Changes Coming to Illinois Child Support Laws Woman Convicted for Son’s Death Wants Custody Rights Over Her Daughter Support for College Expenses: Your Child’s Responsibilities Controlling Costs in Your Divorce Back-to-School for Children of Divorce How Long Will I Have to Pay Alimony? Advance Planning Key to Protecting Your Assets in Divorce Fallout from Cheating Website Scandal Continues Domestic Abuse and Same-Sex Relationships Prenuptial Agreements: Why Timing Matters Conflict-Avoidance Can Create Serious Problems in a Marriage Your Divorce Could Cost You, Even If You Are Not Married Pope’s Stance on Divorced Catholics Leaves Many Questions Business Owners Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement The Dangers of Social Media to Your Divorce Changing Your Mind After Your Divorce Judgment Is Finalized Budget Crisis Now Threatens Child Support Enforcement Efforts The Three Types of Orders of Protection in Illinois Where to File Your Divorce Petition The Guardian ad Litem in Child-Related Matters Your Right to Contest a Proposed Relocation Sometimes Divorce Is Best for the Children The Right of First Refusal Under Illinois Law Rethinking Child Custody and Your Rights to Parenting Time My Partner Filed for an Order of Protection Against Me A Prenuptial Agreement Cannot Waive Your Child’s Right to Child Support Inherited Property: Is Your Inheritance Subject to Division in Divorce? Are You Entitled to Spousal Maintenance? Making Uncontested Divorce Work for You Timing Matters in a Dissipation Claim Life Insurance in Divorce: Securing Spousal Maintenance or Child Support Payments Planning for Your Day in Family Court Illinois Safe Haven Law Offers Alternatives in Seemingly Hopeless Situations Cook County Judge Hands Down Staggering $2.3 Million Child Support Ruling Illinois Law and a Child’s College Expenses, Continued: Terminating an Order and Parental Rights Illinois Law and a Child’s College Expenses, Continued: Financial Considerations Illinois Law and a Child's College Expenses: Who Pays? Dealing With Hostile Divorce Communication Jurisdiction Following a Relocation With Your Child Receiving Marital Property in Lieu of Spousal Maintenance Illinois Court Refuses to Apply “Best Interest of Dogs” Standard in Divorce Prenuptial Agreements Can Protect Children’s Inheritance Rights Protecting Your Rights to Parenting Time Child Support Modification and the 20 Percent Rule Divorcing a Cheating Spouse Amicable Divorce and Preparing for Long Road Ahead Methods for Business Valuation in Divorce Protect Yourself from Financial Ruin in Divorce Revamped Parentage Act Affords Protection to Stable Families Should You Ask for Spousal Maintenance? Study Suggests Hormone Levels After Childbirth May Be Linked to Divorce Age May Be More Telling Divorce Factor Than Cohabitation Bird’s Nest Coparenting: An Unusual Arrangement Appealing Your Divorce-Related Judgment Study Highlights the Need for Open Discussion of Parental Alienation Amended Law Ends Alienation of Affection and Other Heart Balm Actions What are Caretaking Functions? Modifying Your Child Custody Order Under the New Law 2016 Family Law Changes and Division of Property Non-Minor Support and Educational Expenses The Changing Notion of Parental Visitation What Is a Parenting Plan? Separation Periods No Longer Required for No-Fault Divorce New Year’s Resolutions Could Include Divorce A Growing Niche for Real Estate Professionals Boys May Be More Susceptible Than Girls to Effects of Divorce Focus on the Good Things with Your Children During the Holidays No More Fault Grounds for Illinois Divorce Supporting an Adult Child with a Disability Considerations of the Court for Parental Relocation Do I Really Need a Lawyer for My Divorce? Your Mortgage Eligibility Is Key to Marital Home Negotiations in Divorce Calculating an Illinois Spousal Maintenance Award Court Finds Children Likely to Be Harmed If They Stay with Their Mother The Concept of Unconscionability Enforcing Your Divorce Judgment Study Examines Divorce Rate for Parents of Children With Disabilities Remarriage with Children: Your Role as a Stepparent Changes Coming to Child Custody Considerations Millennial Parents Place Less Importance on Marriage Before Children Retirement Investments and QDROs Talking to Your Child’s Teacher About Your Divorce Remarriage and Your Child Support Obligations Have a Plan for Real Estate in Marriage and Divorce The Ashley Madison Fallout: Can Cheating Affect My Divorce? Dividing Marital Debt in Divorce Child Support Study: Deadbeat Dads or Men Doing Their Best? Child Custody and the Child’s Best Interests Forensic Accounting and Divorce New Law Seeks to Make Illinois’ Child Support System More Efficient In Contemplation of Marriage: The Marital Home and Divorce Study Finds Women Much More Likely to Initiate Divorce Ending a Spousal Maintenance Requirement A New Family Dynamic: Adopting Your Stepchild New Law Amends Standards for Non-Minor Support Parenting through Divorce: Emotional "Child Support" Review Your Retirement and Life Insurance Beneficiaries after Divorce Investment Properties and Their Impact on Divorce Get Approval or Stay Nearby: Child Removal Laws Revamped for 2016 Dissipation Claims in Divorce Changing a Child Support Order after Losing Your Job Ending a Short Marriage? Fixed-Term Maintenance May Be an Option for the Court Update: Senate Bill 57 Signed into Law Adoption and Illinois' Safe Haven Law Understanding Supervised Visitation Senate Bill 57: Family Law Overhaul Now Awaits Governor’s Approval Real Estate Ownership in Marriage Filing for Divorce: Does the Venue Matter? Contesting a Child Removal Request Divorce Proceedings and the Potential Impact of Infidelity Real Estate Appraisals and Divorce Right of First Refusal May Be Included in Custody or Visitation Orders Be Careful of Social Media Use during Divorce Joint Custody and the Joint Parenting Agreement How to Prepare for Your Divorce Working with an Appointed Guardian ad Litem When Divorce Becomes the Correct Solution for Parents Inherited Real Estate in Divorce Understanding the Importance of Legal Paternity Retained Earnings of a Business and Divorce Considerations Temporary Custody Proceedings May Have Long-Lasting Effects Pre-Existing Business Ownership and Division of Property Working Through an Uncontested Divorce Study Suggests Shared Physical Custody May Be Best Post-Divorce Arrangement Restricting Visitation in Illinois Real Estate and Divorce: Structured Settlements Post-Divorce Modifications in Illinois Prenuptial Agreements Can Protect Your Future Discovering Hidden Assets in Divorce Understanding Illinois No-Fault Divorce Studies Suggest that Infidelity Tendencies May Be Genetic The Increase of Gray Divorce in America Financial Infidelity Can Be Destructive to a Marriage Child Support in Illinois Continued: Support Order Modification Child Support in Illinois: Support Basics Shared Custody Means Shared Parenting Responsibility Defense Department: Divorce Rate for Military Members Dropped in 2014 Residential Real Estate Solutions for Divorce Proceedings in Illinois Child Custody: What You Say May Be Used against You New Study Analyzes Divorce Rate for Medical Field Occupations Do You Qualify for Spousal Support in Your Illinois Divorce? The Statistical Ups and Downs of Second Marriages Who Gets the Family Home in a Divorce? Alimony and Taxes Short-Term Marriages Can Be Just as Emotionally Difficult to End as Long-Term Steps to Protect Finances in a High-Asset Divorce Important Legal Documents for Divorce Initiation Difficulties in Getting a Mortgage after a Divorce Why the Increase in Gray Divorce? Contact Map & Directions Disclaimer Privacy policy Sitemap