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Kane County Attorneys for Child Psychological Evaluations

Kane County Psychological Evaluation Attorneys

St. Charles Lawyers Assisting Clients with Allocation of Parental Responsibilities and Child Custody

A dispute over parenting time or the allocation of parental responsibilities—formerly known as child custody—can be extremely challenging for any parent. When mental health and, in some cases, substance abuse concerns, are among the considerations, the process can become infinitely more complex. At Bochte, Kuzniar, & Navigato, LLP, our highly skilled attorneys are prepared to help you seek the best outcome for both you and your child, ensuring your rights are fully protected along the way.

St. Charles Attorneys Prepared to Work with Evaluators

According to the law in Illinois, in any proceeding for the allocation of parental responsibilities, or related concerns, such as a relocation or parenting time/visitation, the court is granted the discretion to order a professional evaluation. Such an evaluation, when necessary, may take the form of a psychological analysis by an appropriately-credentialed mental health professional. Depending upon the issue in question, the focus of the evaluation may be on the child or either parent. No matter what type of evaluation has been ordered, our team is ready to help you.

Parental and Child Evaluations

A psychological evaluation of a parent may be ordered to determine if that individual will be able to uphold his or her responsibilities as a parent without presenting a danger to the child. This may be done in cases of suspected severe mental illness, addictive behaviors, and other concerns that could create dangerous situations.

When an evaluation of the child is ordered, the goal is typically to obtain the professional opinion regarding how the allocation of parental responsibilities arrangement will affect the child. It can also be used to identify additional mental and emotional needs that must be addressed in the proceedings. Due to the nature of such evaluations, they are often given significant weight by the court.

Challenging an Evaluator’s Findings

As with most aspects of a child-related legal matter, the findings from a psychological evaluation are susceptible of being challenged. In some cases, the professional in question may not even be appropriately trained or experienced in such matters. Whether you have an issue with the evaluator’s methodology, certifications, or the overall outcome of the evaluation, the attorneys at Bochte, Kuzniar & Navigato, P.C. can help you mount a reasonable and responsible challenge. Demonstrating your concerns may mean undergoing a separate evaluation by a more suitable professional, and we are equipped to assist in finding the one best-suited to your particular case.

To learn more about the use of psychological evaluations during the allocation of parental responsibilities, contact our office in St. Charles, Illinois. Call 630-377-7770 to schedule your free consultation today at Bochte, Kuzniar & Navigato, P.C.. We are proud to represent families throughout Kane, DuPage, Kendall, and DeKalb Counties, and we look forward to serving you.

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