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A Growing Niche for Real Estate Professionals

real estate, divorce, Kane County family law attorneyFor licensed realtors, there is no greater satisfaction than to help an individual or a family to buy a home or profitably sell one. In many cases, the same agent may facilitate both deals for the same client, as they move into a bigger home and move toward the future. Many real estate agents, however, at one point or another, find themselves in the midst of a messy divorce, where selling the marital home is a controversial yet necessary part of the process. An increasing number of real estate professionals have developed a strategy for dealing with just this sort of situation, and have learned to thrive in the so-called “divorce niche.”

Patience is Everything

When you are going through a divorce, you would love for the proceedings to move quickly, as long as they are completed equitably. The same is true for a real estate agent trying to sell the marital home if and when selling it is required. Selling a home can be challenging anyway, so adding the complications of divorce to the equation can slow the process considerably. Approvals are often needed from both divorcing parties, which can be nearly impossible to secure in more contentious situations. Thus, the agent must be patient while he or she continues to facilitate the sale.

Avoiding the D-Word

As you work with a real estate professional to sell your home as a part of your divorce, your agent will probably encourage you not to let potential buyers know too much about the personal reasons for the sale. Announcing that a sale is the product of divorce can create an impression of desperation, often leading to lower bids and more demands from would-be buyers. Agents may also take steps to make the home look less like a divorce situation, such as rearranging furniture and the contents of closets.

Two for One

A real estate agent or sales team that can successfully navigate a divorce-related home sale is often well-positioned moving forward. In many such cases, both divorcing spouses will likely be looking for a new home in the near future, or possibly at some point down the road. If the agent proved to be trustworthy and easy to work with during the divorce, one or both spouses are likely to go back to him or her when the time comes. In addition, positive referrals from each spouse can help the agent grow his or her business even further.

Legal Assistance

If you are considering a divorce and have questions about selling your marital home, contact an experienced Kane County family law attorney today. We can help you find the right real estate agent for your situation, and will provide you with the legal guidance you need during a very difficult time. Call 630-377-7770 to schedule your free consultation.



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