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Factors That Increase the Risks of Divorce

risk, Kane County divorce attorneysThere is not a 100% accurate way to predict if a couple will break up or grow old together. Some marriages appear perfect to family and friends when in reality the marriage is barely hanging on by a thread. Other couples seem doomed to failure because of difficult circumstances but they rise above and end up staying married regardless of the challenges. Although there is no foolproof method of guessing whether a marriage will end in divorce or not, there are some factors that scientists have found make a couple more likely to divorce.

Age Differences and the Age at Which You Marry

Statistically, those who couples who get married when the spouses are in their teens and those who marry beyond their mid-30s are at greater divorce risk than couples who marry between their late 20s and early 30s. Teen couples are at an especially high risk. Those couples who married in their late 20s are most likely to stay together. Another interesting trend is that couples with a large age difference are statistically more likely to divorce than couples who are closer in age. Research shows that a five-year difference makes couples 18 percent more likely to divorce, and a 10-year difference makes them nearly 40 percent more likely to split up.

Financial Status and Education

A recent study at Harvard led by Alexandra Killewald analyzed marriages over the last 40 years. She discovered that couples in which the husband did not have a full-time job were almost a third more likely to divorce than couples in which the husband worked full time. Interestingly, the wives’ employment status did not affect the couple’s chances of divorce.

The amount of education that a couple has had in the past can also affect how likely they are to divorce. The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth found that over half of marriages of those who did not complete high school end in divorce compared with only about 30 percent of marriages involving college graduates. Experts believe that those with less formal education are more likely to experience stress due to financial difficulties—a huge risk factor for divorce.

Poor Communication Between Spouses

Another factor that increases the risk of divorce is poor communication or a lack of respect between partners. Research shows that spouses who consider their partner to be beneath them or less important than them are more likely to end up divorced. Couples who stonewall each other during arguments or withdraw during conflict are also more likely to divorce. Communication and cooperation are keys to a happy marriage, and without them, a relationship is not likely to survive.

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