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Teenage Daughters Linked to Higher Divorce Rate

daughter, Kane County divorce attorneyIt is estimated that about 42 percent of marriages end in divorce, and there are many factors that can lead a couple to call it quits. In some cases, spouses simply realize that they are or have become incompatible. Other couples struggle to work on their marital issues and challenges while trying to effectively parent their children.

Data About When Couples Divorce Shows Some Interesting Patterns

Many studies suggest that a couple‚Äôs risk of divorce increases with children’s ages. Dr. Jan Kabatek and Dr. David Ribar, Research Fellows at the University of Melbourne, have developed some ideas about what causes couples to divorce while researching this phenomenon. The researchers studied 2 million marriages in the Netherlands over a period of ten years in order to discover patterns in why and when people divorce. The team cited the completeness and detail of Dutch marital and family records as the primary reason for their choice of subjects.

Their data shows that the strain on a marriage increases as children grow up. Most parents, whether together or separated, have probably experienced challenges with pre-teen and teenaged children. After all, parenting is not an easy job. Data shows that those couples with teenage girls are statistically more likely to divorce than couples with teenage boys. Fascinatingly, the data also shows that this risk factor disappears in cases where the father grew up with sisters.

The order in which a couple has children may also influence whether the couple divorces. Further data shows that parents of first-born girls divorce more than parents of first-born boys. The odds of a couple with children aged 13 to 18 divorcing is 10.7 percent for parents of boys, and 11.3 percent for parents of girls. Put another way, parents with teenage daughters face a 6 percent cent higher risk of divorce than parents with teenage sons. The study did not look specifically at why parents of teenage girls are more likely to divorce, but experts have speculated that strained relationships between teenage girls and their parents may lead to more marital tension. Of course, having teenage daughters does not mean a marriage is destined for failure, but this tendency does shed light on some of the reasons couples with children split up.

Considering Divorce?

Although most people probably do not get married with the intention of getting divorced, the fact is that not all marriages work out. Oftentimes, the family is healthier and happier overall if the parents do not stay married or continue living together. If you are considering divorce, contact one of our experienced and knowledgeable St. Charles family law attorneys today. Call 630-377-7770 for a free consultation.



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