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Controlling Costs in a Divorce

cost, Kane County divorce lawyersIn addition to being an emotionally exhausting experience, divorce can also be expensive. However, there is no rule that says that divorcing your spouse has to break the bank. Following a few simple guidelines can help control the cost of your divorce.

Be Willing to Negotiate

Spouses who are divorcing each other can often get overly emotional. Some experience feelings of resentment, anger, sadness, or even a desire for revenge. They may become contentious and refuse to negotiate or insist on litigating issues when they know the judge is almost certainly going to rule against them. This has the effect of causing the divorce to drag on longer than necessary. Not only is this ineffective and a waste of everyone’s time, refusing to cooperate can also cost quite a bit of money in the long run. In order to avoid this pitfall, be open to negotiating with your spouse and your spouse’s lawyer. It is likely that neither you nor your spouse will get everything he or she wants in the divorce. Keep an open mind and be willing to compromise.

Prioritize What You Really Want

Before the divorce process starts, take time to decide what is really important to you. It is likely that you will not get every piece of property or resolve every issue you want in the divorce. Make a list of what is most important and what is least important to you. For example, you may care very little about what happens to the family car but you absolutely do not want to give up the house. When the time comes, you will be prepared to surrender on some issues in order to get other, more important things back. If possible, encourage your spouse to do the same. Try to resolve the issues that you can between the two of you before going to court. This will allow you and your spouse to focus on only the most challenging disputes with the help of a legal aide, which can save a great deal of money.

Work Together, Not Against Each Other

Whenever possible, try to be flexible. You may need to “be the bigger person” in order to keep the divorce process from dragging on unnecessarily. Many couples find that a cooperative divorce is possible when they are able to put their emotions aside and focus on the issues at hand. When disputes arise, take a moment to consider the possibility that you may be acting out of anger or spite rather than working toward a solution. If you find yourself being petty or vindictive, remember that you are only making things more difficult and more expensive for both you and your spouse.

Considering Divorce? Let Us Help

If you are considering divorce, you need a knowledgeable attorney at your side. Contact an experienced Kane County family law attorney at Bochte, Kuzniar & Navigato, P.C., and get the help you need. Call 630-377-7770 for a free consultation at our St. Charles office today.




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