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Work Promotions Increase Women’s Chances of Divorce

women, Kane County divorce attorneyThere are countless different factors that can lead to a marriage ending. Sometimes a couple gets married too soon and later realizes that it was not the right decision for them. Other marriages end because of infidelity or abuse, while still other marriages end simply because the couple falls out of love. Researchers have known for some time that there are certain life circumstances which make a couple more likely to divorce. Of course, experiencing one of these circumstances does not mean a couple will certainly get divorced, it just makes them more statistically more likely to do so.

Women Who Initially Earn Less but Find Later Success More Likely to Divorce

A recent study conducted by Swedish researchers suggests that women’s professional success is related to their chances of divorce. Women who succeed professionally are more likely to get divorced. Specifically, women who started their marriage earning less than their spouse or not working but were promoted to higher-earning positions are more likely to divorce. Women in political office are especially affected by the career surge that comes with winning an election. Research shows that female political candidates who win elections are, on average, twice as likely to divorce their spouse than those who lose elections. Male candidates who win elections do not experience any increased risk of divorce.

Women in the private sector are not immune to this correlation either. Research shows that married women who reach the impressive status of CEO are twice as likely to divorce their spouse than male CEOs. This correlation between professional success and divorce seems to only affect marriages in which the wife started the marriage with a less prestigious or important career than her spouse.

In order to determine the meaning of “less important career” the researchers analyzed the amount of parental leave each parent took from work. The study was conducted in Sweden, a country where new parents have 480 days of parental leave that they may split between each other. Women who took 80 percent or more of the shared leave fell into the category of having a less important job than their spouse. It seems that the change in family roles is what puts couples most at-risk of divorce.

Considering Divorce?

When a marriage breaks down, there is rarely only one cause. Just as marriages are complicated, divorces can be complicated. If you are considering divorcing your spouse, the dedicated Kane County family law attorneys at Bochte, Kuzniar & Navigato, LLP are here to help. To schedule an initial confidential consultation, call us today at (630) 377-7770.



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