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If you and your spouse are considering ending your marriage and you have children together, you probably have many concerns. Coming to terms with the marriage ending is already difficult, but adding the stress of how the divorce will affect … Continue reading

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Just like there are a near-infinite variety of marriages, there are numerous different types of divorces. Some divorces are a result of one spouse having an affair while others end because the couple simply grows apart. The end of their … Continue reading

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Whether or not to hire an attorney to help you end your marriage is always a complicated question. While many young couples without children or significant debt or assets can successfully file for divorce on their own, the majority of … Continue reading

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Prenuptial agreements are legal documents which couples can create and sign before getting married. Provisions in the document include directives regarding how property and assets will be divided in the event that the marriage ends in divorce as well as … Continue reading

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If you are considering divorcing your spouse and you are a parent, you are probably worried how you will raise your child after the divorce. If you and your spouse plan to share parental responsibilities, as is recommended by courts … Continue reading

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There are countless different factors that can lead to a marriage ending. Sometimes a couple gets married too soon and later realizes that it was not the right decision for them. Other marriages end because of infidelity or abuse, while … Continue reading

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Annulments are a legal option for ending a marriage that many are confused about. An annulment is unlike a divorce in that it invalidates the marriage. Marriages which are successfully annulled are treated as though they never happened. There are … Continue reading

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Nearly all of us have moments of selfishness that can affect the health of many of the personal relationships in our lives. It is particularly difficult to live with or be married to a person who is exceptionally self-centered and … Continue reading

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While it might sound silly to say, there is no age requirement for getting a divorce—at least not for a legally valid marriage. Most people tend to think of divorce as something that relatively older couples have to contend with, … Continue reading

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When your divorce has been finalized and the divorce decree has been entered by the court, it becomes a binding order, enforceable under the law. However, you should know that even if your divorce is finalized, you are allowed to … Continue reading

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