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New Study Analyzes Divorce Rate for Medical Field Occupations

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divorce rate, doctor, pharmacist, nurse, Illinois Family Law attorneyA new study conducted by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital analyzed the divorce rate among professionals, including physicians, attorneys, and several other occupations. Somewhat surprisingly to many, doctors had the second-lowest divorce rate among all the participating groups.

The research team analyzed data collected for the American Community Survey. This survey is conducted every year by the U.S. Census Bureau and includes three million households. The team used data from surveys taken from 2008 to 2013, including those completed by approximately 40,000 doctors. There were also surveys which had been completed by dentists, nurses, pharmacists, healthcare executives, and non-healthcare occupations, including attorneys. In total, the study reviewed data from a quarter million surveys. It is a commonly-held belief that the divorce rate for doctors is high, due to the stress that is associated with the profession, as well as the long hours that are often required. However, the study found that physicians have one of the lowest divorce rates in the medical field, second only to pharmacists. Interestingly, among medical professionals, nurses showed to have the highest divorce rate. Although good news overall for doctors, the study did find that female doctors had almost double the risk of divorce as their male counterparts. The amount of hours worked and their correlation to the divorce risk was also different between male and female doctors. Women doctors who worked more than 40 hours per week were at a higher risk than women doctors working less than 40 hours.  However, male doctors working more than 40 hours per week were had a lower divorce risk than male doctors who worked less than 40 hours. The study found the divorce rate by occupation to break down as follows:
  • Pharmacists: 23 percent divorce rate;
  • Physicians: 24 percent divorce rate;
  • Dentists: 25 percent divorce rate;
  • Lawyers: 27 percent divorce rate;
  • Healthcare executives: 31 percent divorce rate;
  • Nurses: 33 percent divorce rate; and
  • Non-health care occupations: 35 percent rate.
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