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New Year’s Resolutions Could Include Divorce

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new year, divorce, Illinois divorce attorneysIt seems like just weeks ago that we were preparing to ring in 2015, and now, 2016 is upon us. For many, the new year is an ideal starting place to make positive changes, which often include goals such as losing weight, reconnecting with friends or family members, or quitting smoking. For others, the changes are much more serious, as many couples decide to seek a fresh start in their personal lives in the new year.

Post-Holiday Rush

The winter holidays, and Christmas in particular, are a popular time for couples to get engaged. The joy and warmth of the season is the perfect backdrop for a marriage proposal. On the other hand, if you are trapped in an unhappy or unhealthy marriage, trying to fight through the holidays may push you to your breaking point. You know that you deserve happiness in your life, and divorce may represent your only hope of achieving it. As the calendar flips to January, many in similar situations will begin looking for legal guidance regarding the divorce process.

Staying for the Children

While the holidays may crystallize the need for divorce in the minds of many, others have known for some time. Parents, especially, are often hesitant to begin the divorce process prior to the fall and winter holidays so as to avoid unnecessary disruption to the lives of their children. Alternatively, they may wish to offer their children one last Christmas all together, before the inevitable occurs. The predictability and routine of the school year resuming after the holidays can also be reassuring for many parents, as their children will be afforded a measure of stability despite the upcoming changes.

New Year, New Life

The start of a new year tends to bring with it the promise of a better tomorrow. Whatever their individual reasons may be, the idea of a new beginning seems to be especially appealing now more than any other time of the year. At Bochte, Kuzniar & Navigato, P.C., we are equipped to help you build the future that you and your children deserve. Whether you have been considering divorce for quite some time or have just started thinking about it, contact an experienced Kane County family law attorney. Call 630-377-7770 to schedule your free initial consultation. We will review your situation, answer your questions, and assist you throughout the process.


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