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Tips for Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce

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co-parenting, Kane County family lawyersDivorce does not just affect you and your spouse. It also has a significant impact on your children. What used to be one home now becomes two. They may have to change schools, make new friends, and will rarely spend time with both parents at the same time. Holidays, birthdays, and even soccer games are going to be different. Of course, children can and do adjust. How well they do so is often reliant upon how well their parents get along once the divorce process is complete. This is why all parents should work exceedingly hard at successfully co-parenting during and after their divorce.

Stay Focused on What Is Important

It is easy to get caught up in the swirling emotions of divorce. Your anger, bitterness, or sadness may cause you to fight for things that might not otherwise matter. Alternatively, you may give up things that are important, just to get the process completed. Neither will serve you or your child in divorce. You deserve time with your child, as does your spouse. The little things you are arguing over may not matter in a few years. So, rather than argue over the details, try to keep your focus centered on your child. Know when the fight is worth the effort, and when it is better to just let go.

Create a Parenting Plan That Works

Every family is unique, so every parenting plan should be as well. Create yours with thoughtfulness, creativity, and care for your child. Consider work schedules, where your child will go to school, who is best equipped to care for your child during the summer, and just how flexible you are willing to be when it comes to switching parenting times. Think of every possibility, including emergencies, and talk candidly with your spouse to determine what will work now, and in the future. Most of all, get the help of a divorce attorney that can ensure you understand the long-term implications of your decisions.

Get Help When You Need It

Whether it is seeking emotional support or counseling for yourself, attending a support group, setting up mediation for your divorce for issues you cannot resolve, or contacting a divorce attorney who is an experienced litigator, it is important that you know when and how to ask for help. You should not go through the process alone, and neither should your child. Remember that you are not just asking for assistance for yourself – you are asking for assistance so that your child can have a happy, healthy future.

Our St. Charles family law attorneys provide compassionate and comprehensive services for those pursuing divorce, allocation of parental responsibilities, parenting time arrangements, and other child-related matters. Dedicated to your child’s best interests, we assert your rights as a parent and work to protect your family’s future. Contact our office to learn how we can assist with your case.


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