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How to Survive the Holidays When You Are Going Through a Divorce

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holiday, Kane County divorce attorneyFor many people, the winter holidays are something they look forward to all year. The family gatherings, exchanging of gifts, elaborate meals, or religious events are special and heart-warming. Unfortunately, for those who are recently single, the holiday season may be a dreaded eventuality. If you have recently separated or divorced, you may be wondering how you will manage the holiday season without your significant other by your side. The good news is that you can make it through the holiday season in one piece. There is no perfect way to face the holidays alone, but there are some steps you can take to make the road a bit less bumpy.

Reach Out to Others

One thing you can do to help ease the pain of going through the holiday season after a break-up is to reach out to friends and family. Although the idea of staying in bed all day and turning off your phone is tempting, experts agree that complete isolation is not the healthiest choice. While you will need some alone time after a trauma like ending a relationship, try to push yourself to attend at least one or two holiday parties or gatherings. Now that you are single, you probably have more free time. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends or see extended family members. If you are feeling especially festive, you could even consider hosting a holiday event for other single friends.

Do Good in Order to Feel Good

Another strategy for beating the holiday blues is to do something kind for others. There are many charitable organizations that need volunteers, especially during the holidays. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, retirement center, school or homeless shelter. If you are an animal lover, check out the local animal shelters and offer to walk a dog or play with a kitten. Helping others and doing selfless acts of service gives people a sense of purpose and community. You will also enjoy the pride of knowing that you did something meaningful for those who need help. Another benefit of volunteering is that you will probably make new friends as well!

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Many people facing the holiday season alone chastise themselves for feeling lonely and depressed. This is not necessary, as you have the right to feel whatever you need to feel during this difficult time in your life. There are times you might feel joyous, and other times you feel angry or hopeless. Your mood swings and changing emotions may make you feel like you are on a roller coaster rideā€”and not a fun one. Try to keep in mind that all these feelings are normal. An important relationship in your life has ended. You deserve some time and space to grieve.

Divorce Questions?

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