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When it comes to making decisions regarding child custody—now called the allocation of parental responsibilities in Illinois—a family court judge is an unenviable position. He or she is tasked with making arrangements that will affect the lives of not only … Continue reading

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It is not easy to raise children, even under the best of circumstances. For parents who are divorced, separated, or unmarried, the situation can be much more difficult. In Illinois, the law encourages a divorcing couple with children to develop … Continue reading

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Following your divorce, it can be difficult to truly understand the role you are expected to play in the life of your child. Of course, you want to be an active parent and maintain a healthy, ongoing relationship with your … Continue reading

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Disagreements over parental responsibilities, parenting time, and any other concerns regarding children can quickly reach a stalemate. Each parent may truly want what is best for their child but have vastly different opinions about how to achieve “what is best.” … Continue reading

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As part of the new approach to parenting and child-related concerns in Illinois, divorced, separated, or unmarried parents will be expected to actively participate in their child’s upbringing. While the expectation of active parenting is not necessarily a new concept, … Continue reading

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In any proceeding related to a child in Illinois, the primary concern, by law, is always the best interest of the child. Family courts and judges are expected to keep the child’s needs and well-being among the highest priorities, and … Continue reading

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