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Many divorcing spouses have surprisingly few assets to divide in this day and age. Couples may execute a prenuptial agreement to do so preemptively, or they may simply keep most of their assets separate. However, when a couple have high-value … Continue reading

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Over the course of a marriage, most couples will acquire a significant amount of assets and property. While many of these assets are the result of the couple’s efforts, such as salaries, bonuses, and financial investments, others are often acquired … Continue reading

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Financial matters are among the most common sources of marital discord, both during the course of a marriage and in the divorce process. Determining how to proceed with the division of property and debt can be extremely stressful and, at … Continue reading

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A couple’s wedding vows usually include some version of a promise of love and fidelity between the spouses. Most people generally view that as a promise by each partner not to cheat, either emotionally or sexually with another person. Despite … Continue reading

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One of the most combative areas in divorce negotiations concerns a couple’s assets. This can be especially true in complex litigation divorce cases where the financial stakes can be high. These stakes can be so high that spouses often resort to … Continue reading

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