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When a romantic relationship between adults falls apart, it can be very difficult for each partner to deal with their emotions and move forward with their lives. If the couple has a child together, a tense, difficult dispute regarding child … Continue reading

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Following their divorce, many parents struggle to work with their former partners in raising their children. They often have trouble putting their differences aside and focusing on the needs of the child. Many others, however, find that cooperating with an … Continue reading

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Divorce does not just affect you and your spouse. It also has a significant impact on your children. What used to be one home now becomes two. They may have to change schools, make new friends, and will rarely spend … Continue reading

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Disagreements over parental responsibilities, parenting time, and any other concerns regarding children can quickly reach a stalemate. Each parent may truly want what is best for their child but have vastly different opinions about how to achieve “what is best.” … Continue reading

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When you share parenting time of your child with your ex-spouse, your ability to control what the other parent does with his or her time is limited. Unless the child is being placed in danger, your former partner is essentially free to … Continue reading

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Over the last few months, courts across Illinois have been adjusting to the sweeping family law amendments that were passed last summer and took effect on January 1, 2016. While some of the changes were essentially procedural, others were aimed … Continue reading

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Over the last few months, there has been a great deal of discussion regarding recent changes to the family law statutes in the state of Illinois. By this point, you may be aware that at-fault divorce has been eliminated, along … Continue reading

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A number of posts on this blog over the last few months have discussed some of the family law changes that took effect in Illinois this week. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act was recently amended to update … Continue reading

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Making holiday plans can be difficult for any family. There is no shortage of places to be, family to visit, food to prepare, gifts to buy and wrap, and countless other considerations. When divorce and child custody considerations are added … Continue reading

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When you hear the phrase “custody battle,” it is nearly impossible to think of anything but a competition between parents over who should be given primary responsibility for the couple’s children. It implies that, in most cases, one parent will … Continue reading

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