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Did your spouse recently file for divorce? If so, he or she had the opportunity to choose where to file the petition and the county where your case will be heard. You may be surprised to learn that if your … Continue reading

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Parents of a child who has a disability or special needs frequently face a number of challenges in providing for their child’s needs. Raising a special needs or disabled child can cause serious psychological and emotional strain on the parents’ … Continue reading

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If you are in the midst of a tumultuous marriage—or a marriage that lacks the warmth and contentment for which you were hoping—you may have given some thought to a trial separation. In fact, you may have already spent several … Continue reading

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Millions of American families own dogs, cats, and other companion animals. In many situations, pets are as much a part of the family as any person. We share our homes, our lives, and, often, our own beds with the animals … Continue reading

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Alimony, known as spousal maintenance in Illinois law, is used to help offset the financial effects of a divorce for a disadvantaged spouse. Depending upon the circumstances of your marriage, you, as the higher-earning spouse, may be required to make … Continue reading

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The application and enforcement of the law can be very complex in many situations. This can be especially true in cases related to allocated parental responsibilities—formerly child custody—and parenting time, or visitation. One of the fundamental principles of law is … Continue reading

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When you are going through a divorce, there are a number of important considerations to be made. You, your spouse, or both will probably have to find a new place to live. If you are a parent, you will need … Continue reading

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Over the last several months, divorce attorneys across the country have been bracing themselves for a marked increase in divorce filings in the wake of the highly-publicized leak of subscriber data from the affair-seeking website Ashley Madison. Earlier in the … Continue reading

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When a couple decides to end to their marriage, determining how to divide marital property is often a challenging process. Before division can even begin, the parties and the court must first establish what constitutes the marital estate. Illinois law … Continue reading

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Over the last few months, Illinois lawmakers have been working to improve the state’s approach to family law matters, and, near the end of June, approved a sweeping measure that would rewrite fairly large sections of family-related Illinois law. The … Continue reading

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