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When your divorce has been finalized and the divorce decree has been entered by the court, it becomes a binding order, enforceable under the law. However, you should know that even if your divorce is finalized, you are allowed to … Continue reading

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Divorce is not only the end of a romantic relationship, but also that of a financial relationship. Courts use financial information from both spouses to make decisions about spousal maintenance, child support, property division, and more. Although everyone handles divorce … Continue reading

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Illinois law states that the both of a child’s parents are entitled, at the very least, to a reasonable amount of time with the child unless the court finds that visits would be dangerous to the child (physically, mentally, emotionally … Continue reading

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Many years ago, a couple was considered to be married if they had lived together for at least seven years, and held themselves out as a couple during that time. Nowadays, most states have repudiated the idea of common law … Continue reading

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It is extremely common for women to change their names after divorce, usually back to their maiden name. However, an increasingly widespread movement has divorced women legally changing the names of their children, as well. The legality of this is … Continue reading

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While it is not the law in every state, in Illinois, a divorced parent in Illinois can be made to contribute to their child’s college expenses. The state of Illinois has a vested interest in ensuring its citizens have every … Continue reading

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There is always a constant and lively discussion about the rights of married couples, as well as the rights of each half of a married couple. However, very often the rights of couples who are unmarried and cohabitating are forgotten … Continue reading

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Regardless of opinions on the matter, the law in Illinois provides that substance abuse issues are not enough, in and of themselves, to disqualify a parent from retaining the rights regarding their children. It generally takes a showing of substance … Continue reading

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More and more research is continuing to confirm what some experts have been saying for decades: Children need both parents in their lives to be happy, healthy and successful. For many years, it was assumed that children of divorced parents … Continue reading

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When it comes to making decisions regarding child custody—now called the allocation of parental responsibilities in Illinois—a family court judge is an unenviable position. He or she is tasked with making arrangements that will affect the lives of not only … Continue reading

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