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Annulments are a legal option for ending a marriage that many are confused about. An annulment is unlike a divorce in that it invalidates the marriage. Marriages which are successfully annulled are treated as though they never happened. There are … Continue reading

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Most schools are now back in session after the summer break. This means that many families are getting back into the swing of early bedtimes, homework, and, very soon, parent-teacher conferences. A parent-teacher conference is an opportunity many schools offer … Continue reading

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While the allocation of parental responsibilities is typically an issue between divorced, separated, or unmarried parents, grandparents and other family members often play a crucial role in the life of a child. According to Illinois law, grandparents may even petition … Continue reading

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Following your divorce, it can be difficult to truly understand the role you are expected to play in the life of your child. Of course, you want to be an active parent and maintain a healthy, ongoing relationship with your … Continue reading

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By this time next week, classes will be underway at colleges and universities throughout Illinois and across the country. If you are a parent with a college-aged child, there is a good chance that you have spent the last several … Continue reading

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Following a divorce or break-up, it can be extremely difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with your child, particularly if you have been allotted less parenting time and responsibilities than the other parent. Maintaining such a connection generally requires cooperation … Continue reading

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When deciding to end their marriage, no couple hopes that the divorce will be a long and drawn-out process. Instead, most approach the situation looking to come to some sort of resolution quickly and with minimal difficulty. Unfortunately, in many … Continue reading

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When a couple is preparing to marry, the thoughts of both partners are often consumed by ideas of romance and building a future together. It can be rather easy to forget that marriage also represents a civil partnership, as well, … Continue reading

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Financial matters are among the most common sources of marital discord, both during the course of a marriage and in the divorce process. Determining how to proceed with the division of property and debt can be extremely stressful and, at … Continue reading

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In any of its forms, infidelity can have severe consequences on the health of a marriage, and for many couples, it may ultimately lead to divorce. Financial, emotional, or sexual infidelity may be a root cause for trust issues between … Continue reading

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