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It is estimated that about 42 percent of marriages end in divorce, and there are many factors that can lead a couple to call it quits. In some cases, spouses simply realize that they are or have become incompatible. Other … Continue reading

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Going through a divorce is a painful process. Fortunately, for many people who suffer through the end of a marriage, there is a better life waiting for them. Many people who divorce make the most of their new life. This … Continue reading

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If you are in the process of getting divorced, you probably feel like you have hundreds of things to consider. You need to decide where you are going to live, what the best arrangements for your children might be, and … Continue reading

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In any proceeding for divorce, the spouses must reach an agreement regarding the division of their marital property. If they cannot, the court will equitably allocate the marital estate between the spouses, taking a number of statutory factors into account. … Continue reading

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There are few emotions as strong as the feelings of betrayal that can result from your spouse’s infidelity. Regardless of whether he or she engaged in a long-term adulterous affair or got caught up in a one-night, heat-of-the-moment situation, your … Continue reading

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In any divorce, some of the most complicated questions that arise involve how the couple’s assets will be divided. This can be especially true if one spouse has invested in ownership of a closely-held company, as the valuation of such … Continue reading

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Statistics reveal that the national rate of marriage is down. Approximately one in every five adults who are 25 years or older is unmarried. In 1960, that figure was one in 10. However, for those that do decide to take the … Continue reading

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For most married couples, the family home is usually the largest asset they own. For divorcing couples, it can become one of the most bitterly fought parts of divorce negotiations–second only to child custody. In many cases, spouses have a knee-jerk … Continue reading

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It is that time of year again–tax season–and if you have gone through or are in the process of going through a high-asset divorce, one of the issues you now may have to deal with is the effect alimony payments may … Continue reading

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Read any tabloid front page and it will often have a headline screaming about some celebrity or another’s new marriage heading for divorce court. Although more often than not these headlines are just rumors. However, there are many newlyweds who find … Continue reading

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