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Every child deserves to have a safe, comfortable home in which to grow up. When parents divorce, one of the courts main duties is to make decisions which will benefit the children of the marriage. Often, this means that one of the … Continue reading

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There is no question that divorce is already a difficult and painful process. Couples with children have an even more challenging road ahead of them. Parents must not only come to terms with the end of their marriage, but also … Continue reading

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Sometimes, divorces go badly. It is sadly not unheard of for a person to become violent or dangerous toward his or her ex-spouse, harassing or threatening to a point where an order of protection—sometimes called a restraining order—becomes necessary. If … Continue reading

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In a previous post on this blog, we talked about the importance of keeping both parents active in a child’s life. Sharing custody of your children with an ex, however, can be complicated and stressful. Fortunately, in the digital age, … Continue reading

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A good parent wants the best for their children, and sometimes, that may include allowing someone else to take care of them. Illinois courts, however, are generally not disposed to allow a person to surrender their parental rights voluntarily unless … Continue reading

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Following their divorce, many parents struggle to work with their former partners in raising their children. They often have trouble putting their differences aside and focusing on the needs of the child. Many others, however, find that cooperating with an … Continue reading

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When you share parenting time of your child with your ex-spouse, your ability to control what the other parent does with his or her time is limited. Unless the child is being placed in danger, your former partner is essentially free to … Continue reading

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For licensed realtors, there is no greater satisfaction than to help an individual or a family to buy a home or profitably sell one. In many cases, the same agent may facilitate both deals for the same client, as they … Continue reading

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Over the last few months, Illinois has been preparing for a new era of family law that is set to begin on January 1, 2016. Thanks to a sweeping reform measure that was passed by the state legislature in the … Continue reading

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When a couple decides to end to their marriage, determining how to divide marital property is often a challenging process. Before division can even begin, the parties and the court must first establish what constitutes the marital estate. Illinois law … Continue reading

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