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The Statistical Ups and Downs of Second Marriages

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second marriage stats, Illinois family law attorneyStatistics reveal that the national rate of marriage is down. Approximately one in every five adults who are 25 years or older is unmarried. In 1960, that figure was one in 10. However, for those that do decide to take the plunge, new research shows that almost half of them are getting remarried. Many of those couples have children from prior relationships, assets, property, which now may lead them to consider getting a prenuptial agreement before they marry.

The new data was gathered by the Pew Research Center from information collected by the U.S. Census Bureau. According to that data, in 2013, 40 percent of marriages that took place in the U.S. had at least one spouse who was getting remarried. Of that 40 percent, half had only one spouse who had been married previously and in the other half, both spouses has prior marriages.

The U.S. Census Data shows that 42 million people in this country have been married more than once, compared to only 22 million in 1980.

The study concluded that there are two reasons for this increase in second or subsequent marriages. The first reason can be attributed to the divorce rate. Since there are more people who are getting divorced, there are more single people who are available.

The second reason is the rise in the life expectancy of Americans. We are living healthier and longer–lives. The current life expectancy right now is 78.8 years old.

Census results revealed other statistics that appear to back up these results. Almost 60 percent of census participants who has been divorced or widowed have remarried. And half of those who have not remarried said they would like to.

For those that do remarry, there is another statistic that may play an important role in deciding the future: Second and third marriages have an even higher rate of failure than first marriages. Having already gone through a divorce, many couples who are remarrying have learned that often reality outshines romance in marriage, and find that a prenuptial agreement affords them protection should this marriage not work out.

If you are considering remarrying, contact an experienced Kane County family law attorney to find out what benefit a prenuptial agreement may be to you. The skilled lawyers at Bochte, Kuzniar & Navigato, P.C. have over 100 years of combined experience in divorce and family law matters. Call 630-377-7770 for a free consultation at our St. Charles, IL office.

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