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Using Technology to Your Advantage When Co-parenting

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technology, St. Charles family law attorneyIn a previous post on this blog, we talked about the importance of keeping both parents active in a child’s life. Sharing custody of your children with an ex, however, can be complicated and stressful. Fortunately, in the digital age, help exists in the form of apps and websites which can help you align schedules, plan, organize and stay on the same page as your ex-spouse.

Scheduling Apps

Every family is different and what works for some may not work for others. If you are a person who uses technology to organize your life, you may benefit from apps such as:

  • 2Houses: The 2Houses app is designed to help parents share schedules and information about their children. It includes a calendar which both adults can write in as well as places for important information like vaccination records and medical information. Additional features include a photo album for sharing pictures and a log for keeping track of expenses and purchases;
  • Kidganizer: This app allows the users to create profiles for each child. Parents can use the calendar function to keep track of soccer games, choir concerts, and other extracurricular activities. The app can also be used to set reminders about upcoming events and deadlines which are updated in real time.
  • OurFamilyWizard: As with the others, this app includes a calendar/scheduling center and expense tracking. It also features OFWpay™ which allows parents to reimburse one another for incurred expenses right within the app.

These are only three of the most popular co-parenting apps available, but there are many others that may fit your needs. Make sure to research your options to decide which one or ones are best for your family.

Other Tech Tools

Depending on the technology and apps you and your family already use, there may be features that could be helpful for co-parenting purposes as well. For example, you may wish to incorporate:

  • Amazon Wishlists: Amazon has a wishlist feature which is very helpful to co-parents and extended families. Parents, grandparents, and friends who use an Amazon wishlist to purchase gifts for a child will be notified when that particular gift has already been purchased for a child. The wishlist works similarly to a wedding gift registry, helping parents know what to shop for and avoid purchasing duplicate gifts during birthdays and holidays;
  • School Websites: More and more schools are embracing technology and eliminating paper report cards and newsletters. School websites can be a wealth of information about grades, upcoming events, and ways for parents to be involved in their child’s education. Some teachers even offer text message reminders that parents can sign up to receive so they can stay up to date on school holidays, field trips, homework, and project due dates; and
  • Social Media Websites: Some families have taken to using Facebook and other social media sites to organize holidays, parties, or events. Families can create event pages which act as a central hub of information for events like birthday or graduation parties. Parents can also share their children’s photos and accomplishments via social media.

Speak With a Family Lawyer

Cooperative parenting situations are only successful when both parents are committed to working together and fostering open lines of communication. If you are in the midst of a dispute over parenting time and responsibilities, contact an experienced Kane County child custody attorney. We will review your case and help you find the best possible solution for you and your child. Call 630-377-7770 for a free consultation today.


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